Coal Sampling and Analyses

MAS provides a complete line of laboratory analyses to meet the needs of energy producers and consumers. All analyses are run in accordance with recognized industry standards such as ASTM, ISO or EPA standards. Our laboratory utilizes state of the art equipment and experienced technicians to provide fast and accurate laboratory data on coal, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, refuse derived fuels, oils and solvents.
Coal testing and analysis usually begins when the coal is still in the ground. Exploration coal core samples are drilled and analyzed for recovery and coal quality well before the mining process. During mining coal channel samples are routinely collected and analyzed for recovery and coal quality to determine the most efficient coal preparation system necessary. During preparation coal samples are collected and analyzed to assure the desired product quality is being achieved. Third party coal sampling and analysis are done routinely at loading and discharge of rail cars, trucks, barges and stockpiles. Finally, coal is routinely sampled and analyzed at the power plant to determine plant efficiency and EPA compliance.

Testing Standards Used By Miltech Analytical Services
Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal ASTM D2234
Collection of Channel Samples of Coal ASTM D4596
Collection of Coal Samples from Core ASTM D5192
Preparing Coal Samples for Analyses ASTM D2013
Sieve Analyses of Coal ASTM D4749
Coal Washability Studies ASTM D4371
Total Moisture in Coal ASTM D3302
Single Stage Moisture in Coal ASTM D2961
Equilibrium Moisture in Coal ASTM D1412
Ash Content of Coal ASTM D3174
Sulfur Content of Coal ASTM D4239
Forms of Sulfur in Coal ASTM D2492
Volatile Matter of Coal ASTM D3175
Gross Calorific Value of Coal and Coke ASTM D5865
Grindability of Coal ASTM D409
Chlorine in Coal ASTM D2361
Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash ASTM D1857
Analyses of Trace Elements in Coal and Coke Ash ASTM D3683
Nitrogen Content of Coal ASTM D3179
Carbon & Hydrogen Content of Coal ASTM D3178
Cubic Foot Weight of Coal ASTM D291
Degree of Oxidation ASTM D5263
Free Swelling Index of Coal ASTM D720
Apparent True Specific Gravity ASTM D167