Coal Preparation Plant Efficiency Testing

The goal of every coal preparation plant operator is to recover every pound of clean coal possible at the desired quality. This is a product of both the cleaning process and the raw feed. Preparation plant testing can be used to determine the optimum parameters within the plant process that obtain the desired product (quality of the clean and at what rate of recovery). Knowing the maximum efficiency of the plant and the process, the operator can balance the efficiency of the mining process (raw feed) with that of the plant to achieve the desired results in the final product.
Usually representative samples of raw feed, product and refuse from all the different circuits within the plant are collected. In the laboratory the samples are subjected to coal washability studies and coal quality analyses at various specific gravity. Coal washability tables are prepared that demonstrate the recovery and quality at the different specific gravities under laboratory conditions. From the laboratory washability tables it can be determined how well the coal preparation process is being managed.
MAS provides a complete line of coal preparation plant efficiency testing including collection, sieving, washability studies and coal analyses.
Testing Standards Used By Miltech Analytical Services
Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal ASTM D2234
Collection of Channel Samples of Coal ASTM D4596
Collection of Coal Samples from Core ASTM D5192
Sieve Analyses of Coal ASTM D4749
Coal Washability Studies ASTM D4371
Complete Coal Analyses See Coal Sampling and Analysis